Three Bonus Nine Wicket Sessions

For those that enjoyed the 2020 PBR Classic and KCCC Doubles Championship or really anyone that wants a final chance to enjoy fall croquet at the most beautiful location in Kansas City, the KCCC has three final Sunday sessions before closing up shop for 2020.

10/11 – SUN – 11:00 AM: Willow Creek 
10/18 – SUN – 11:00 AM: Willow Creek (SKILLS CHALLENGE)
10/25 – OFF
11/01 – SUN – 11:00 AM: Willow Creek

Stay up to date with the KCCC schedule at:

Return of the Classic

2020 KC Doubles Finalists

The PBR Classic returned to action after an eight-year hiatus yesterday at the Kansas City Croquet Club and saw 16 players battle on two courts through the afternoon and into the evening. The 2020 PBR Classic featured three events with the KC Croquet Doubles Championship held in the afternoon. My partner Susan Goodwin and I battled Greg and Shelly Lloyd in a thriller that saw Susan score the game-winner with the last ball in last turns on an angled hoop for an 18-17 win in the final.

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