2019 KC Croquet Club Opener

KC Club Layout 20192019 WEEK #01
The schedule opened up a bit and we were able to get out for a prep day this past Saturday. We’ll be working with a new east-west layout and a challenging slope, but we’ve eliminated the lunar landscape of the former northwest corner. We are ready to open for play this Saturday with mowing set for 8:30 a.m. and games expected to start around 9:00 a.m. We’ll continue with 9W Bisque play under MCA advanced tournament rules.
Looking ahead to June 8, the USCA is bringing back “National Croquet Day” and as an official USCA Nine Wicket club, I thought we’d participate by holding our first ever Xtreme Croquet Club Championship. Details to come, but we’ll fit it into the same timeframe as our normal Saturday Game.

06/01: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
06/08: National Croquet Day — Xtreme Club Championship
06/15: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
06/22: OFF | States Shield Quad – Tulsa
06/29: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
07/06: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
07/13: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
07/20: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
07/27: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
08/03: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
08/10: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
08/17: OFF | States Shield Championship – Tulsa
08/24: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
08/31: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
09/07: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
09/14: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
09/21: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup
09/28: Saturday Game — 8:30 AM Mow/Setup

Saturday Game – Eagles’ Landing Test

SATURDAY GAME — Eagles’ Landing 9:00 AM: I’ve returned from my European adventures just in time to kick off a couple of Saturday sessions at the Eagles’ Landing Golf Course in Belton, MO. Start time is 9:00 a.m. and we’ll run through beginner tutorials first, then hopefully follow with two rounds of actual games. If the weather is questionable watch your email for an update by 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Address: 4200 Bong Ave, Belton, MO 64012

MISSOURI OPEN: Don’t forget to email kccroquetclub@gmail.com to reserve your spot for the 2015 Missouri Open at Eagles’ Landing to be played Saturday, June 13. We’ll get started by 8:30 a.m., but we will likely stagger starts. More details are coming,  but the key is we may need to cap entries and the first players to sign up have priority.

SUNFLOWER WICKETS — JUNE 5: The MCA is looking for a few more volunteers for the Friday afternoon Sunflower Wickets Benefit in Olathe, Kansas. Email kccroquetclub@gmail.com if you are interested or have questions.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Justin Marciniak has been working on developing social media for the MCA. We decided that with the USCA Midwest Region Facebook group that it would be a bad idea to have a second “Midwest” Facebook group. So, the Facebook group for the MCA is actually the Kansas City Croquet Club Facebook Group. I encourage everyone on the list to Like the page as it will become more of a resource for our activities. Thanks to Justin, the MCA does now have a Twitter account and an Instagram account.

TOURNAMENTS: The full MCA schedule is still evolving, but keep in mind that we are still working on an event in Kansas with Saturday, July 11 as our primary target. Depending on the flexibility of the venue, that could potentially shift to July 18.

Weekly Schedule:
05/30 — Eagles’ Landing/Belton, MO, 9:00 AM
06/05 — Sunflower Wickets GC Benefit
06/06 — Eagles’ Landing/Belton, MO, 9:00 AM
06/13 — Missouri Open/Belton, MO, 8:30 AM
06/20 — Saturday Game TBD
06/27 — Saturday Game TBD
07/04 — Off
07/11 — Kansas Challenge TBD
07/18 — Saturday Game TBD / Alternate KS Ch. Date
07/25 — Saturday Game TBD
08/01 — KC Open/Pro-Gold, Parkville, MO
08/02 — KC Open/Silver-Bronze, Parkville, MO
08/08 — Saturday Game TBD
08/15 — Saturday Game TBD
08/22 — Saturday Game TBD
08/29 — Saturday Game TBD
09/05 — Off
09/12 — Saturday Game TBD
09/18 — MCA 6B Championship, Belton, MO
09/19 — MCA Championship, Belton, MO
09/26 — Saturday Game TBD

MTE = Mission Trail Elementary (133rd and Mission, Leawood)
Note MTE is closed for the summer starting on May 23 for construction.

Club Grows and Final 2014 Sessions


Ana and Nate Benz are working on a plan to increase membership. Looks we’ll see this little guy on the courts in about three years. In the meantime, we are wrapping up the 2014 season with Sunday afternoon play at Bill Berg’s Cleveland Croquet Club. Contact Dylan at kccroquetclub@gmail.com if you are interested in playing. We welcome new players each week.

10/12 — CCC / Noon
10/19 — CCC / Noon
10/26 — CCC / Noon
11/02 — CCC / Noon

2014 KC Club August-September Schedule

AS WE PREPARE FOR two championship events in September, we are doing a bit of a switch-up and scheduling on Sunday afternoons. Our current schedule:

SUN – 8/31 at 1:30 pm (MTE*)
SUN – 9/7 at 1:30 pm (MTE*
Break for MCA Championship (Sep 13)
Break for USCA 9W Championship (Sep 19-21)
SUN – 9/28 at 1:30 pm (MTE*)

*Sessions are planned for Mission Trail Elementary in Leawood, but that is subject to field availability

INFO ON THE MCA CHAMPIONSHIP and line-ups is filtering out this week on the MCA website (midwestcroquet.com). We are still waiting to finalize the last spot for Silver but it looks like we will have eight in the division.

THE USCA NINE WICKET CHAMPIONSHIP will be held September 19-21 at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. Singles only is $125 and if you want to do both singles and doubles the cost is $145. More info here:

BASIC CROQUET SHOT FUNDAMENTALS: Over the summer, we’ve touched on many of the basic skills and tactics of croquet. This page on the USCA 9-Wicket site gives a great rundown on the key “ball-in-contact” croquet shots that you need to be successful in the sport. The page includes text, photos and videos that show is all. In fact, the Tips section on this sight probably accounts for 90% of what I have learned as a croquet player. Enjoy:

Kansas City Croquet Club June 2014 Schedule

We run FREE beginner’s clinic at each of these sessions. If you are interested in joining us, contact Dylan Goodwin at kccroquet@gmail.com
Upcoming Saturday Schedule:
05/31 – MTE-Leawood
06/07 – MTE (Rained Out)
06/14 – OFF (Oklahoma Open)
06/21 – MTE-Leawood
06/28 – MTE-Leawood
07/05 – OFF
07/12 – OFF (Kansas Challenge)
07/19 – MTE-Leawood
07/26 – MTE-Leawood
All dates and times are tentative.