The Kansas City Croquet Club is based in the south KC Metro area. Play occurs from April through October at various locations — both public use areas and private residence courts. Check our front page as we generally offer a Saturday morning session that offers free introductory sessions for beginners. If you are interested, contact Dylan Goodwin at kccroquet@gmail.com.

The KC Croquet Club emphasizes all disciplines of croquet, but currently plays mostly golf croquet and nine-wicket croquet on standard lawns. True six-wicket court croquet is played in Parkville, Missouri at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club and members of the KC Croquet Club often trek to Parkville to enjoy the highest level of the sport.

The mission of the KC Croquet Club is to develop more clubs and courts for the South KC and Johnson County areas of the metro. The well-known Kansas City backyard croquet-scene is famous as the starting point for U.S. National Champions Jim Bast and the late Jerry Stark, both of whom represented the U.S. National Croquet team on a number of occasions. In a joint effort with the Kactus Creek Croquet Club, the Missouri Croquet Association and the USCA, the KC Croquet Club seeks to push Kansas City to be one of the top croquet cities in the nation.


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  1. Sue Nagy says:

    Glad to see so much croquet action here in Kansas City. I had no idea it was an organized club until I was searching for resources. I am sponsoring a croquet activity during The Shakespeare Festival at The Barstow School. It would be great to talk with someone who is familiar with official croquet rules. Do you folks have an official document that describes the rules? Can you recommend a good supplier for croquet equipment?

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