2020 KC Doubles Finalists

The PBR Classic returned to action after an eight-year hiatus yesterday at the Kansas City Croquet Club and saw 16 players battle on two courts through the afternoon and into the evening. The 2020 PBR Classic featured three events with the KC Croquet Doubles Championship held in the afternoon. My partner Susan Goodwin and I battled Greg and Shelly Lloyd in a thriller that saw Susan score the game-winner with the last ball in last turns on an angled hoop for an 18-17 win in the final.


The PBR Classic ran with three qualifiers and the top two players advancing to a six-player final that kicked off around 8:00 p.m. In the final, Kevin Thornton was the first to reach the doubles and I caught up with him in the early stages and we then traded missed hoops there for quite some time before Greg Lloyd joined the action, but he also stalled out.

The experimental “dead peg” stop rule for the halfway stake* factored in for the ending as only Thornton and myself were able to get the forced stop in before last turns. I was able to work out through hoop 12 for a small lead while Thornton was for hoop 10. As last turns kicked in, he was unable to put together a run and that essentially secured first and second place as no other players had cleared the turn peg. It was my seventh Classic win, but the action was competitive and if the Classic continues in 2021, I see some good battles in the future.


The Alumni Cup was modified to be part of the Classic placings and saw a good back and forth battle between KU and K-State. Based on points after the qualifying round, KSU held a 19-18 lead over KU. Rockhurst was a strong third place at 14 points based on a big win in Qualifier 2 by Ashley Thornton. For KU, I took first and Kevin Thornton placed second in the final, and that closed the gap and then some as we finished with 61 points to KSU’s 46 to claim the victory. Andy Groebe and Susan Goodwin also scored points for KU to help the team to our fourth Alumni Cup title. Rockhurst finished with 22 points to claim third over Pitt St. at 20 points.


Qualifier 1
01. R. Darst (PITT ST) — 16 (10)
02. K. Thornton (KU) — 14 (6)
03. V. Andruss (GLASSBORO ST) — 13 (4)
04. T. Groebe (ARIZONA) — 10 (3)
05. L. Whitworth ( WILLIAM JEWELL) — 10 (2)

Qualifier 2
01. A Thornton (ROCKHURST) — 12 (10)
02. D. Goodwin (KU) — 10 (6)
03. K Whitworth (MU) — 8 (4)
04. A. Groebe (KU) — 8 (3)
05. J. Ratlaff (FRIENDS) — 6 (2)

Qualifier 3
01. G. Lloyd (KSU) — 15 (10)
02. B. Lofgreen (KSU) — 11 (6)
03. B. Darst (ROCKHURST) — 10 (4)
04. S. Goodwin (KU) — 9 (3)
05. C. Lee (KSU) — 7 (2)
06. J. Wilson (KSU) — 5 (1)

01. D. Goodwin (KU) — 12 (25)
02. K. Thornton (KU) — 9 (18)
03. G. Lloyd (KSU) — 7 (15)
04. B. Lofgreen (KSU) — 5 (12)
05. R. Darst (PITT ST.) — 4 (10)
06. A. Thornton (ROCKHURST) — 4 (8)


01. KANSAS — 61
02. KANSAS ST. — 46
03. ROCKHURST — 22
04. PITTSBURG ST. — 20
05. GLASSBORO ST. — 04
05. MISSOURI — 04
07. ARIZONA — 03
08. FRIENDS — 02


*The PBR Classic was played with an experimental rule for six-ball (cutthroat) croquet. Referred to as the “dead peg” rule — when a player scores the half-way, turn peg, the player’s turn ends with no possible way to earn a continuation shot. The rule is intended to eliminate the possibility of a player winning the game on the first turn.

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