The Kansas City Croquet Club is hosting a club doubles championship and a revival of the six-ball PBR Classic to be held September 26, 2020 at the Willow Creek courts in Kansas City, Missouri. The doubles championship is open to all KC Croquet Club members and legacy PBR Tour players. The event will start at 1:00 p.m. and is limited to eight teams in a single-elimination format. The seeding will be random.

The PBR Classic is slated for a 5:15 p.m. start and is limited to 24 players. It will be the traditional PBR Classic format and rules with the one exception being the utilization of the experimental forced stop for all players after hitting the halfway peg. The turn ends for any player that scores the turning peg (ninth point). There is no method to gain an additional shot and no deadness can be incurred on the stroke that scores the halfway peg.

Event entries are $30 for the all events and is a two-for-one deal. Meaning any single entry covers a free second entry. Half of all entries fees will be donated to Children’s Mercy Hospital in consideration for the cancellation of the 2020 Big Slick fundraiser.

The event will also revive the Alumni Cup by introducing a scoring system based on places during the Classic in the qualifiers and championship final. All players will indicate a representing school they have attended during entry. Scoring is as follows:

Qualifier: 1st – 10 pts, 2nd – 6 pts, 3rd – 4 pts, 4th – 3 pts, 5th 2 – pts, 6th – 1 pt.
Championship: 1st – 25 pts, 2nd 18 pts, 3rd – 15 pts, 4th – 12 pts, 5th – 10 pts, 6th – 8 pts.

The Alumni Cup ran as a team nine-wicket challenge from 2008-2011 with the KU alumns scoring three wins in a row.

01. D. Goodwin / S. Goodwin
02. R. Darst / B. Darst
03. V. Andruss / J. Ratzlaff
04. J. Stephens / J. Williams
05. A. Groebe / T. Groebe

01. D. Goodwin (KU)
02. S. Goodwin (KU)
03. G. Lloyd (KSU)
04. B. Darst (Rockhurst)
05. K. Thornton (KU)
06. K. Whitworth (MU)
07. L. Whitworth (WILLIAM JEWELL)
08. R. Darst (PITT ST)
09. V. Andruss (GLASSBORO ST)
10. J. Stephens (KSU)
11. J. Williams (KU)
12. A. Groebe (KU)
13. T. Groebe

Entries Updated 9/20/2020

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