The Kansas City Croquet Club celebrated the USCA’s resurrection of National Croquet Day yesterday with an Xtreme Croquet Championship. The event played out over nine wickets spread across the grounds with a unique challenge for each, with the final objective set as a traditional finishing peg.

Greg “Pick” Lloyd set out as the early leader after wicket #1 and never really looked back. To keep the event interesting, Justin Marciniak stayed about one to two wickets behind through the course of the day. As Lloyd struggled at the ninth wicket (set up as a jump wicket), Marciniak finished number eight and put himself in relatively close position to the ninth wicket. He was then able to pull off a 20 foot hero roquet (considering the grounds) on Lloyd’s ball set in position for another jump attempt. Marcinak made his first jump attempt and headed for the final peg. The only challenge there was rough ground and he finished within a couple of turns to grab a piece of history and claim the XCC I title.

After some re-positioning, Lloyd made his jump to claim second and cement his reputation as the “Obi Wan of Croquet” and further back I recovered to get the final spot on the podium.


01. Justin Marciniak
02. Greg “Pick” Lloyd
03. Dylan Goodwin
04. Valerie Andruss
05. Gwyneth Bowen


Xtreme croquet is best described as a combo of golf, croquet and miniature golf. You play over rough terrain and the fun part is creating the obstacles. The croquet elements are the best part — getting the bonus shots off wickets and balls. In truth, it plays like traditional six-ball cutthroat only across a much wider terrain and more creative obstacles.

–Player report by Dylan Goodwin

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