To celebrate National Croquet Day the Kansas City Croquet Club will meet this Saturday at the Willow Creek Court for the first annual KC Club Xtreme Croquet Championship. The Xtreme event can best be described as a combination of miniature golf, standard golf and nine-wicket croquet.

The rules will follow standard MCA Six Ball rules with the following modifications.

  • A wicket can be run from either direction. However, once a ball enters the wicket from one side, it is committed to scoring the wicket from that side.
  • If the striker sends any ball or balls to a position that is unplayable, the player’s turn ends, the ball or balls are placed in the nearest playable location (perpendicular relative to the target wicket) and the player loses their following turn.

The first player to score all of the wickets and hit the peg with the striker ball wins the game. As a note, there is in-turn deadness, but no carryover deadness. A play will start each turn live on the field.

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