KC Club Schedule–Week 26: Back To Saturdays

SATURDAY GAME: With tournament play behind us, it’s time to focus on playing for fun the rest of the fall. Unfortunately it gets late early out there (hat tip to Yogi Berra), so we will be switching to Saturday mornings for our weekly sessions. We hope you’ll be able to join us at 9:00 am atthe Cleveland Croquet Club (23567 State Line Rd., Cleveland, MO). Also, the forecast between now and Saturday is a bit soggy, so watch for updates in case the court is waterlogged. Bill and Di won’t be there but the gate will be open and the court set up so all are welcome.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE: We’ll play every week as long as we can into the fall.
10/7—Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
10/14—Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
10/21—Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
10/28—Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am

SOCIAL MEDIA: Keep up with the Midwest Croquet Association! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also, you can help recruit and educate new players by using the #WhyMCA hashtag on your social media posts.

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