05/21/16 KC Club Schedule – Week 8: Practice Session and Golf Croquet

SATURDAY GAME: I hope everyone who participated in the Lee’s Summit T-Bone Tournament had an enjoyable time. It’s time to start preparing for our next tournament, which is less than a month away! We will be meeting at the Cleveland Croquet Club (23567 State Line Rd., Cleveland, MO) at 9 am for another session. Saturday morning’s forecast looks very pleasant, so we hope to see you there.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE: We will continue to have a weekly session every Saturday, all at the Cleveland Croquet Club, leading up to the Cleveland Open on June 11-12. Each session will start at 9 am. Check the website (kccroquet.wordpress.com) or watch for this email for updates.

05/21–Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
05/28–Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
06/04–Cleveland Croquet Club, 9 am
06/11-12–Cleveland Open, Cleveland, MO

MCA STATES SHIELD: Three-person teams representing Kansas and Missouri will meet tonight and Saturday morning at the Kactus Creek Croquet Club for the first-ever MCA States Shield event. The States Shield is a golf croquet event featuring seven singles matches and three doubles matches. The first game starts tonight at 6:30 pm, and everyone is welcome to come out and watch.

WEEKLY TIP: It’s very important to keep your head down all the way through your shot. Especially in tournament play, it can be tempting to raise your head up early to see the result of your shot, but this can affect your follow-through and your shot. Here is a great picture of Bill Berg from the Lee’s Summit tournament…note the ball is going through the hoop but Bill’s head is still down.


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One thought on “05/21/16 KC Club Schedule – Week 8: Practice Session and Golf Croquet

  1. Here is something I found interesting in John Riches book Croquet Secrets,
    John Riches says, “The swing must be freely from the shoulders, without any jerky use of wrists or forearms. The shoulders must remain still and while body movement may not necessarily be disastrous, it is usually dangerous and represents a source of possible error. Many of the older book on the game warn of the danger of ‘lifting the head’ during the swing but it is the shoulders rather than the head, that you must concentrate on keeping still. Follow-through: The forward swing must be relaxed and unhurried with a long low follow-through. You should feel that you are trying to keep the mallet-head moving forward along the ground, maintaining contact with the ball for as long as possible. Avoid the type of follow-through in which the mallet finishes above the head.

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