Groebe Claims XCC II Title

Andy Groebe (L) is the XCC II Champion

The 2021 Xtreme Croquet Championship lived up to the name as the field of 11 players endured extreme temperatures, an extremely long course and extremely thick grass. Battling through the conditions though, PBR veteran Andy Groebe claimed the XCC title as he out-classed a tough group in the final.

Groebe (K) and I (Y) worked through third wicket lift and out to number four slightly ahead of the pack. Groebe cleared the wicket smoothly, while I made attempts at roqueting Kirk Whitworth’s blue ball and Justin Marciniak’s green ball. While I finally made it through four and kept looking for roquets to get the extra shots, Groebe played smart and maintained the one wicket advantage through five to nine.

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2021 KCCC #21.03 Ladder Update

Round Three of the 2021 KCCC 9W Bisque Ladder saw two games of action on June 12, 2021. JMA (8) retained his spot at the top of the standings with a 17-15 win over VAN (13). The other game saw JMC (15) take a 14-9 win over DJG (6) to move into the fourth position on the ladder. DJG now is -5 on tracking and another loss will push his handicap up to 7. The ladder will have at least one week off as the KCCC Saturday game will pause one week as Xtreme Croquet Championship II will be held next week in Leawood, Kansas.

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Ratzlaf-Lennard Win First Annual KCCCMG

Carson Lennard (L) and Jim Ratzlaf (R) celebrate the win

Jim Ratzlaf and Carson Lennard claimed the title in the First Annual Kansas City Croquet Club Member Guest tournament with a 23-8 victory over Justin Marciniak and Jonathan Goetz. The event had four teams with each of the core Saturday players successfully bringing a new guest to the Willow Creek court.

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May 15 Session Red Flagged

RED FLAGGED: Kansas City Croquet Club Saturday, May 15, 2021, morning nine wicket session red flagged due to rain. Next week the club will resume play with the Member-Guest Doubles event. Two teams are currently signed up.